Sit 'n' Trip is a global online agency which provides four types of services. We provide as simple as possible booking of ground transportation and leisure services. Sit n Trip offers plenty of destinations, potential routes, and options that fit traveller needs perfectly. No matter if You're looking for an economical option, sightseeing along the route or you need a local guide, we have carefully selected available partners.



There is no reason that a trip between cities needs to be boring and stressful. Every trip regardless of how short it may be can be a unique experience. With our carefully sorted, experienced and charming drivers the ride is going to fly by.

The comfort of your hotel room or apartment will continue after our driver picks You up at agreed time and location, driving you safely to Your next destination.

You can also stop by to explore interesting sights along the way.

With our English speaking, local drivers You will learn a little bit more about the places you will pass through.

Don't worry about finding cabs or running after a bus or a train with all the luggage just to get closer to your destination. Let Us do everything for You.


You have already passed the whole city and don't have any idea what to do tomorrow, or You just want to make a simple day trip to the nearby attractions – we will prepare everything for you.

Our city break tour will show you the main tourist attractions or you can discover some small rural and untouched places. Our careful and experienced drivers will pick you up at your accommodation and spend the whole day with you to show untouched diamonds near your destination. You can also book a private, local guide to go with you, making you feel like a local while exploring the sites.

  • Full day service
  • Half day service
  • Experienced local drivers

Tailor made

You really don't know where to start from when planning your trip?

It could be difficult and time-consuming while you do a research on each city in the country you're travelling to, wondering where should we go and what to see over there, where is a good place to eat, do we need to rent a car or use public transportation?

We can help you with that with our Tailor Made trips specifically designed just for you, the way you like it.

No need to worry about anything, we took care of everything for you, meaning your stopovers, tours or vehicle hire have been arranged to match your individual requirements. Our experienced drivers will be there for you the whole time. You can even choose to take a Local Guide with you on your trip and experience it through a local person's eyes.

Local guide

Do you want to try the real experience with a local guide while you are walking around locality?

We offer you licenced local guides for the single locality.

You can book Your private local guide to tell You more about the destination and shows you hidden gems no matter if you are a single traveller or big group.

Our local guide will take care of you and show you the locality to the deepest detail, introduce you with folk customs and food and rich local history.

  • Online ticket preorde
  • Avoid waiting in line in front of the attraction
  • Experienced local guides

How did we start?

We believe that the traveller spirit lays inside all of us, and if the booking of a trip was easier and more affordable We believe it would awaken that spirit even more, which is exactly why We created Sit 'n' Trip.

We are a young, energetic group of people with a clear vision of what every world traveller needs.

Guided by the many years of experience and feedback we received from tourists from all over the world, either as drivers or as travel organizers, we decided to create a Sit'n'Trip agency to make travelling and everything related to it easier for everyone. Whether it is a longer or shorter journey, for a shorter or longer period of time.

Sit'n'Trip Agency will solve your transportation problem from the beginning of Your journey to the very end with our wide range of private and airport transfers. We will also show and suggest what's interesting along the way that you can visit in order to make your journey even more immersive.

Once you have reached the destination and settled, you will try to make a city tour plan that can take away a lot of time. Here again, you can take advantage of Sit'n'Trip and leave us the hard part of organizing your daily or multi-day trip.

You can enjoy the full experience and charm of a particular city with our experienced local guides.

What we are offering is a place where you can completely create and manage your trip the way you like it. After you make a reservation just sit and enjoy your trip with us.

How it works

Here at Sit 'n' Trip, we are connecting global travellers with the local community.

We care that your booking needs to be as simple as possible. According to that, you need to do a few steps to book your perfect vacation.

Sit 'n' Trip offers four main services that You can choose from:


This is a private door to door service where all you need to do is pick a starting location and the destination you wish to travel to.

We will suggest some amazing sights You can stop by, along the way and make an ordinary transfer between cities more enjoyable and interesting.


These city break tours are for all those who wish to explore more than just the destination they are visiting.

Day trips are here to show you main, nearby tourist attractions as well as some other less popular but no less impressive sites.

All we need from you is to give us the pick-up location from which our experienced drivers are going to pick you up from and decide on where would you like to spend your day trip.

Tailor Made

This service is for those who have a basic plan on where to go and what they might want to see, but they do not know for sure whether this is possible and whether there is a better plan for them.

With our Tailor Made service, any travelling plan can be made to perfectly fit everyone's needs.

We can arrange for you everything, from flights, ground transportation and day trip tours, to local guides and accommodation.

All we need is a short description of the plan you have in mind, after what we will tailor the rest just the way you like it.

Local Guides

There is no better way to explore a city or a landmark than with an experienced guide.

Our guides, which are all part of a local community and speak multiple languages, will make you feel like a local while walking around the city square or through the rooms of a castle.

If you want to be accompanied by one, let us know what destination would you like to experience and, based on how much time you have, choose one of the three local guide options we are offering.