Giethoorn – place where roads disappear

Only an hour and a half from overcrowded Amsterdam!
Not far from Germany border Giethoorn settled down. In Giethoorn their fairy tale lives 2.680 citizens. Surely you want to know why a fairy tale?

Giethoorn is so peaceful, so different and has such simple natural beauty that it hardly seems so real. You can gently float along small canals and take a look at old but beautiful thatched farmhouses roofs. The combination of old architecture, modern houses and no roads makes this village completely unreal.

If you consider all of the above and the fact that you can only navigate through canals in an old wooden ship this place makes it even more interesting. All those things give Giethoorn a special name ˝the Venice of Holland˝.

There are no cars or roads here, tourists leave them out of the village and have to travel by water or on foot over the lovely wooden bridges. The travellers who adventure here are usually hypnotised by the familiar atmosphere, bohemian canals, small wooden bridges, picturesque flowers and colourful 250-year-old houses.


What to do at Giethoorn?

Our recommendation is to book a canal cruise in advance or rent a private wooden or electric boat. The local skippers will be able to guide you through these small canals and show you the most important places in a quiet village. The boat tour takes you completely around this water village moving at a speed you can enjoy hidden gems.

If you are not so adventurous, you can still visit this village and take a peaceful walk over more than 180 small wooden bridges and take a look at hundreds of colourful gardens where everything is blooming.

In Giethoorn you can buy all traditional Netherlands souvenirs such as local cheese, stroopwafels, wooden clogs, bulbs, tulips etc.

If you want to get away from the city bustle our recommendation is to definitely visit and stay a few days at Holland Venice. You can book traditional apartments for a reasonable price and charge your batteries for the rest of the year.

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