The area of present-day Dubrovnik has been inhabited since the 6th century and extended by the arrival of Croats in the 7th century.
Through the centuries the city of Dubrovnik grew more and more and became, together with Venice, the most important maritime-trade centre on the Adriatic.
The disastrous earthquake in 1667 brought the Republic of Dubrovnik into a difficult period of struggle for survival and political preservation of independence.
Dubrovnik, as part of the Croatian Republic, was heavily damaged in 7 months long Serbian and Montenegrin attacks in 1991. 
After the restoration works, Dubrovnik managed to re-emerge as one of the top tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.
Upon arriving in Dubrovnik, the first thing you will notice is its 2 km long, massive walls.
If you head towards the old city core, your stroll around the walls can be continued along the main, historically rich, street called Stradun.
The Rector's Palace, the Assumption Cathedral, the Lovrijenac Fortress and the Revelin Fortress are just some attractions you need to explore.
The beauty of Dubrovnik has been recognized by UNESCO by placing it on the World Heritage List in 1979.
The creators of the popular TV-show Game of Thrones, also so a great setting for their show so they transformed the city into the capital, King's Landing.
Amazing architecture, historically rich old town, clean, blue sea and many other attractions is why Dubrovnik carries the name "Pearl of the Adriatic".