The first mention of Innsbruck dates back to the 4th century and the name Oeni Pontum or Oeni Pons which is Latin for the bridge over the Inn river.

Located in the Inn valley, between high mountains, beautiful images of the surrounding landscape can be seen wherever you look.

But beauty does not just surround the city, it also runs through it.

Numerous historical buildings in the city center are intertwined with attractive modern landmarks.

Some of the most interesting historical buildings are the Imperial Palace, the Court Church, the Ambras Castle, the Golden Roof House (Goldenes Dachl) from the 1500s and many others.

Being an internationally renowned winter sports center means that whether you want to go skiing, snowboarding, freeriding on the Nordkette, tobogganing, or doing any other winter activity, Innsbruck is probably the best place to do it.