Ethno Museum Ljubacke Doline
The love for old ways of living, antiques, culture, and tradition of one man called Nedeljko Branković, resulted in the opening of this Ethno village on 28th of June 2010.

It was designed and set as an open-air museum, displaying the life of a community that used to inhabit this area.

The village consists of around thirty different buildings, such as barns, vajats (houses for sleeping), stables, shepherd’s cottage,  distillery, blacksmith, carpenter, and many others, all with authentic furniture and household items.

The most interesting part of the village is definitely a museum which has over 5000 artifacts, divided into various different collections.

When you get hungry, head to the center of the village where you will meet the market and tavern where you can order traditional cuisine from this region such as homemade buckwheat pie, muffins with sour cream, lamb on skewer or under the sač (a large metal shallow bell in which meat and potatoes are cooked)

Finally, you can sweeten things up a little with the Ljubački Cake accompanied with one of many homemade spirits like plum and pear brandy.

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