Ethno Village Stanisici

The inspiration of Boris Stanišić, who spent several years traveling around the Serbian villages in central Bosnia in search of old houses and objects of the late 19th and 20th century, resulted in the establishment of an authentic mountain village in the hearth of the Semberija plains, in 2003.

The village is divided into two parts.

The first one refers to secular life and is built out of wood. There you'll see wooden houses with centuries-old housewares, all connected with stone-paved paths, and two lakes in the center of the village.

A large stone bridge will take you to the second part, which represents a spiritual life and is made by medieval architecture in stone.

Here you'll find a Baptistery, a St.Nicola monastery with its adjoining monastery house, and a stone amphitheater with 380 places.

This place will take you back to a time without fancy technology, a time of our ancestors and a more simple way of life.

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