Višegrad spreads along the Drina River, in a spacious valley, which is one of the few extensions in the Drina River.

The town is mentioned, for the first time, in 1407, and in the 16th century, during the rule of Mehmed-paše Sokolović, the town prospered and many buildings arose, with them, a famous stone bridge, with 11 wide arches, across the Drina River, was constructed.

Apart from the bride, which can be found on UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List since 2007, another particularly interesting part of Višegrad is its cultural center called Andrićgrad, where, among other important buildings from the town's past, the statue of one of the most famous Croatian writers, Ivo Andrić, can be found.

Beautiful surrounding scenery with mountains and rivers and rich cultural heritage are good enough reason to visit Višegrad.