Samobor is a small historic town only twenty kilometers from the Croatian capital of Zagreb and is close to the border with Slovenia.

The Zumberak Nature Park is also located in the area of ​​the city.

In Samobor and hills around it, there is about 200 km of marked hiking trails making it perfect location for all hikers.

Many sacral buildings have been preserved over the years, such as the Church of St. Anastasia, St. Mihalj, Chapel St. Ana and many others.

Above Samobor are the remains of the former Old Town, the fortress. Built in the 13th century with the intent of defining and strengthening the border.

As far as the cultural events, that are happening in Samobor, go, there are many of them all throughout the year.

Some of the most famous ones are Samobor Carnival, Samobor music autumn, Bread and Wine days and many more.

Local delicacies that you have to try are, kremšnita(vanilla custard filled pastry), Samobor bermet and muštarda (aperitif and spiced mustard), Samoborska kotlovina(slow-cooked meat with vegetables).

There is a lot to see and taste in Samobor but without the noise and traffic, you find in bigger cities.