Situated on the peninsula of Tišnjan, and partly on the island of Murter, the strait between the island and the mainland, which Tisno was named after, is only 38 meters wide and is connected since 1832.
It is said that Tisno originated with the arrival of a refugee before the Turks.
That is why in 1475 they raised the defensive walls in Tisno.
Better protection against the attacks attracted more and more people, and by the arrival of wealthy Italian families, during the 18th century, the city experienced its flourishing.
Today, Tisno is investing heavily in the development of tourist activity and offers a rich accommodation offer.
The cultural offer of Tisno is equally rich with many sacred monuments, such as Sanctuary of Our Lady of Karavaja or Church of the Holy Spirit, and lavish Italian villas.
On the mainland of Tisno in archaeological excavations, the remains of the Roman villa rusticae from the 3rd century were found. 
If you hear the loud noise spreading through the streets of Tisno, do not worry, this is likely to be the three decades old International donkey race which is held every year in the city center.